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In terms of home comfort and surviving most days in our desert town, there is not much worse than having an air conditioner that doesn’t work. A nonfunctioning unit will make you and/or your family quite uncomfortable as the sweltering heat never seems to ease up.

When you speak with our trusted experts and have them see firsthand what the issues are with your air conditioning unit, you will get to the bottom of what is causing problems. It could be as simple as replacing a thermostat due to the unit not turning on or off. It could be dripping or leaking, or perhaps it is blowing air but none of the air is cold and it’s just wasting electricity. Issues could pertain to wiring or fans inside the unit, in areas you can’t see from the outside. Sometimes, the fan or unit is just old and has run its course. Whatever it is, we will go down the checklist to assure our customers that we get to the root of the problem.

The same process takes place on heating units, where issues are often similar to air conditioning units. Common issues our experts see all the time include units simply not turning on; fans not turning on; or instead of blowing hot air, you get cold air instead. Faulty wiring and leaks are not uncommon, either.

To make sure you get the most bang for your buck and have air conditioning or heating units with longevity, call our experts today.

Steve was awesome. He worked with my schedule and was very prompt. He checked everything out and got right to work fixing it. Very professional service and didn’t try to sell me on a new unit. Thank you Steve for the tune up and repair!

Maria T.

Henderson, NV

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